Wardrobe Wednesday with Linda Dion

Read more about  Linda here. 

Read more about Linda here. 

Back in college, most of my clothes were maroon and orange t-shirts (Go Hokies!). When I started to transition into my career of teaching, I wore business clothes most of the time, but felt like a person playing dress up every day. Over the last few years especially, I've tried to pare down my clothing choices to every day clothing that could be dressed up or down. Low cost options are my best friends. 

eBay is where I buy most of my clothing, but I also am a fan of local thrift stores. I am working towards a capsule wardrobe with many high quality, low cost interchangeable pieces, and probably have less than 75 pieces of tops, bottoms, and dresses for the whole year. I spend just a minute picking out an outfit because everything matches everything else. Have you ever counted how many pieces of clothes you own? It is really shocking, but freeing when you can give up things that don't fit you or fit into your life. Best of luck, friends! 


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Classic look + scarf outfit; I basically vary this everyday, sometimes a grey or sweater sweater instead of the jacket, or a nay pant. Easy to throw on and look put together without too much thought

My must have - cognac brown shoes again - these were a full-price buy from Clarks (and are worth the money - comfortable shoes are a must!)

Classic plaid scarf - a gift, but can be found on Amazon for under $20

J. Crew cropped red pants - $12 on eBay

Cream cotton top from LL Bean - $10 on sale


Floral blouse outfit; cute, bold, comfortable - I love a good red pant! 

My must-have - cognac brown shoes. These are a dupe of the famous Free People ones $35 - @target

J. Crew cropped red pants - $12 on eBay

Gap sleeveless peplum black and white floral - $10 on eBay

Cropped Liz Claiborne denim jacket - I've had for 14 years...

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