Turning 26: Handling the Other Side of 25

Unicorn Birthday

Saturday I turned 26. 

That's such a weird concept for me. As someone who believed 25 was the most defining age, the age where you had to have everything together and know exactly what you're going to do with the rest of your life and be doing it - I'm a little shaky. 

That's not to say 25 wasn't a defining year for me. I bought a house, I really solidified my status as a wedding photographer, Joanna and I started Copper Creatives, I adopted my second dog - by all means I was an adult yet I still felt unsatisfied. There were so many things I hadn't achieved and I found myself in a weird place. My husband is living long distance for work, my jobs keep me so busy it's almost another job in itself keeping them organized, and I felt like I was slipping away from some of my friends. 

It was in this chaotic mess that I started thinking instead of focusing on the things I didn't achieve by the time I was 25 instead I'm going to focus on the things I'm going to achieve at 26. In this day and age timelines have changed drastically, small businesses are booming, new ideas are popping up every day, and even the role of the "workspace" has molded into an actually enjoyable and flexible lifestyle. These facts remind me that I can't get discouraged by outdated timelines. If anything I just need to push myself harder to achieve it all. 

So here is my list - the list that I will do my hardest to hold myself accountable for - yet be understanding if I fall short: 


1. I will book 20+ weddings for the 2018 season
2. I will help grow and expand Copper Creatives to include more Creative Entrepreneurs & grow outreach
3. I will finish (really finish) that novel I've been working on for a million years and get it into the hands of an editor. 
4. I'll read a little more and procrastinate a little less. 
5. I'll go on a vacation and NOT pick up my phone to work. 
6. I'll use social media a little less and live a little more. 
7. Get healthy & fit.
8. Create manageable timelines & stick to them both in professional and personal pursuits.  
9. Visit the Pacific Northwest
10. Get more organized. 

These aren't lofty ideas or unreachable dreams and I think that's really important when making goals for yourself. Personally I don't see The New Year as a time to make aspirations but instead my birthday is when I re-set my clock and focus on what's ahead. For anyone else with an upcoming birthday or in need of re-setting or establishing goals - list them below. I'd love to go on this journey with you.