Small Business Saturday: Why to Shop Small Everyday

All year we wait for the rush of the corporate holiday: Black Friday. It's not that we ourselves haven't taken part in the long lines and deals, but we want to suggest an alternative avenue for your holiday shopping -Small Business Saturday. Started by American Express in 2010, #smallbusinesssaturday has become a day to not only support local business but find new local artisans and business owners within the community. 

This is the day where the world takes notice of our talents, hard work, and expertise. Part of our mission is supporting these local creatives and we want to help you support them too. 


Ditch Black Friday: 

We are really pleased to see Black Friday dropping off. The idea that family and friends cannot take part in Thanksgiving meals because they have to work a graveyard shift in preparation for this dark day is crazy. Starting with sales happening on Thanksgiving day and going into Friday the variety and mass appeal has been diminished by web retailers, cyber monday deals, and an aversion to large corporations.

We want to encourage you to direct your money to the less threatening, closer to hearth and home, neighborhood businesses and buy your friends and family something unique for the holidays that they can't find at any ole store. 

American Express even created a map to help you find locally run, small business in your community. (Find your map here) 


Did you know that when you support small business, 48% of the money you spend ends up getting funneled back into the community. 

Personally, I love receiving gifts that are sourced from small business owners. I know that I will not only have a unique item, but also be putting money back into the local economy that directly feeds and pays the bills of families of the community. 

If you can't make it out on the Saturday after Thanksgiving - you can always support local artisans by shopping at pop-up shops, craft fairs, and holiday markets, and business's websites. 


Stellar Customer Service

Shopping small not only makes you feel better about your purchase (supporting your community), but it also gives you a better customer experience. Unless you're shopping at a store that combines multiple products - usually you'll be meeting and interacting with the maker of those products when you purchase. This means you'll get to see the face behind the brand. This personalized experience is unattainable at larger shopping conglomerates. 


Copper Creatives was created for movements such as this. We want to hear from you! What local businesses do you shop for the holidays? Have any gift ideas from your favorite local artisans? Leave us a comment!