Creative Profile: Swallow Hearts

For our April - Artist Feature I wanted to spotlight a talented jewelry designed named Meg also known as Swallows Heart.  Born and raised in NC - her minimalistic, nature inspired designs resonated with me as both and artist and a stylist. Her pieces work so well with everything and are reasonably priced - a statement piece for any budget. 

When I first reached out to Meg about answering a few questions for us - I was thrilled when she responded yes and even more thrilled with the packages I received after I placed an order to feature her work on Three Region. 

I received this lovely note from her along with a few pieces I couldn't wait to wear! But I wanted to show you more than just her jewelry but to really discuss her as a person, her brand, and what inspires her to continue her entrepreneur journey. 

How Did You Come Up With The Name Swallow's Heart? 


The swallow is a symbol of always returning home safely to a lifelong love. Before technology, sailors would know they were almost home when they would see the welcome sight of flocks of swallows flying ahead- birds that never flew too far from land, their home. The word “home” has changed a lot for me over the past five years, as I’ve lived in North Carolina, Georgia, Alaska, Arizona, and now New York. I’ve learned, though, that home is always who you’re with, not where you are. That is unchanging, that is constant, and that is my heart.

About the Brand: 

 "Swallow’s Heart is a collection of whimsical, nature-inspired, affordable handcrafted jewelry designs. My goal is to create jewelry that encourages girls to get out and explore! Whether it’s a farmers market, a favorite local coffee shop, a flight to a new destination, a festival, a downtown scene, anything! I want girls to feel free-spirited and adventurous and alive when they put on a handcrafted Swallow’s Heart necklace."
Swallow Hearts Jewelry - creatives in the Community

What Inspires Your Work? 

My primary inspirations are nature and adventure. The mountains are my happy place, which is why they are incorporated in my logo. I feel alive and inspired when I’m in the mountains! When designing jewelry, I definitely gravitate toward natural pieces, like gemstones and arrowheads and leather. I love working with those materials.

How Did You Get Started In Jewelry Making? 

I actually started jewelry-making as a hobby in college, so I am self-taught. It was a creative outlet for me. I would create jewelry for myself (I’ve always been a DIYer) and family/friends. After being nudged several times by my close friends, I finally opened an Etsy shop, and so it began! I participated in my first handmade market in Boone, just as we were preparing to move to Georgia. I had so much fun meeting and interacting with customers face-to-face, and my friends and family were oh so supportive! That market really set my focus for continuing to participate in local markets in western GA and eventually Alaska.
Swallow Hearts Jewelry - creatives in the Community

How did North Carolina inspire you and your designs? Do you feel like every time you move you take parts of that environment into your design process?

Although I no longer live there, North Carolina is in my blood. I first began designing jewelry in the mountains of North Carolina, and really, is there anywhere more beautiful and inspiring than the Blue Ridge? The artsy, thriving, small, mountain life of Boone was the perfect place for Swallow’s Heart to take flight.

What Is Your Favorite Piece You've Ever Made? 

I think my favorite piece would be a recent necklace- the black obsidian arrowhead necklace! I am a sucker for arrowhead pieces.

I actually purchased this piece and I absolutely love it as well! It was a must have! Buy it here! 

Swallow Hearts Jewelry - creatives in the Community

How Do You Distinguish Yourself From Other Jewelry Makers?

I like to keep my jewelry designs unique and affordable. I believe in being budget-conscious, so I always try to keep that in mind when designing new pieces. I also gravitate toward a minimalist approach- less is more in my book.

How Do You Spend Your Time When You're Not Working on your Business or Creating New Designs?

My husband Sam and I love to be outside and travel with our 3 huskies, Luna, Kaia, and Sioux (pronounced “Sue” - he’s a boy named Sioux, named after Johnny Cash’s song). We found our passion in dog mushing while living in Alaska, so when there’s snow, we really enjoy taking the dogs out on the sled in winter months… and during the rest of the year, we hike and camp as much as we can. I also love thrifting and exploring local farmers and flea markets and new small towns. Basically, any kind of exploring and adventuring is the best!
Swallow Hearts Jewelry - creatives in the Community



Any Advice for Young Entrepreneurs Who Are Trying to Fulfill Their Dreams within a Creative Industry?

Know yourself, know your style. Don’t get too caught up in what others are doing… it’s true what they say; comparison is the thief of joy. Pour your whole heart into what you love and align yourself with those who believe in you. And don’t forget to always be grateful and generous! No one gets anywhere alone. :)





We are HUGE supporters of Swallow's Heart and we hope you will be too. Go over to their page today and buy as much amazing jewelry as you can to support this local, handmade business with deep roots in North Carolina! We can't wait to keep up with Meg in her journey.