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Meet the Creative Duo behind "Lil Photo Bus Co." Raleigh's First and Best Photo Bus! 
I had a chance to meet Carlos and Amber - take an exclusive tour of their bus - and get to know the in's and outs of their business, family, and what makes them unique. Check out this unique bus and contact them here to book it for your wedding, gathering, or family event! 

Carlos and Amber Robinson are a husband and wife team with 4 amazing kids living in Garner NC. Virginia native and Wolfpack alum Carlos, a Digital Marketing Executive for a web firm in Raleigh, and NC born and bred Amber, a wedding and portrait photographer have shared the dream of building a family business together. They want to show their children Alex 12, Jeremiah, 10, Ivy 3 and Avery 2 that with hard work and determination you CAN have the life you want with the people you want it with.

When they aren't busy with kids, work, or tinkering on the bus, they relish in the opportunity to enjoy a date night at a local restaurant (so many amazing locally owned ones right at our back doors) or time with their small, but close extended families. 


Lil Photo Bus - Creative Community - Artist Profiles

What Inspires Lil Photo Bus?

The entrepreneurial bug bit me (Amber)  a long time ago. Desiring more freedom in my personal life and fulfillment in my career is what led me to start my wedding photography event. Photographing and being part of weddings is truly a passion and I wanted some way that my husband, who is not a wedding photographer, could also experience that with me while building a foundation for him to also be able to leave his corporate job. That's how Lil Photo Bus was born. I've always admired how close the family unit in family owned businesses are. Now we get to do that for couples at their weddings, corporate events, and private parties. 


Lil Photo Bus - Creative Community - Artist Profiles

How Has NC Inspired You?  

We have spent most of our lives here in NC. I (Amber) am an NC born and bred girl and Carlos has been here since leaving his home in Virginia to attend NC School of Science and Math in Durham. This is home for us and we honestly can't image living anywhere else. We love that We get to raise a family here and that (for the most part) it's a progressive place to live, learn, and work. The art communities here, especially in the triangle are amazing and we draw inspiration from the innovative creatives we're surrounded by every day. Anything goes in North Carolina, and we love that when you pitch an idea as crazy as retrofitting a vintage bus with a photobooth and traveling around the state to events people don't look at you and say "that can never work". They high five you and ask "how can I help?".


Lil Photo Bus - Creative Community - Artist Profiles
Lil Photo Bus - Creative Community - Artist Profiles

How Does Social Media Work For Your Business? 

 As a (what we consider) young entrepreneur, social media is something that I've been a part of since my college days back in the late 90s. I love how I can share and connect both personally and on a professional level with friends and strangers to share my work. As a photographer, it's an essential part of both my wedding phototherapy business and Lil Photo Bus business. Our product in both businesses has to be seen to be appreciated and social media is the best catalyst for sharing with large numbers of people in just a few clicks. My favorite platform right now is Instagram. I'm a visual person so being able to scroll my feed and get a snapshot of what's going on in the minds of the creatives I admire and follow as well as in the world is amazing. I draw inspiration from there and love interacting with others too! One unique feature about LilPhoto Bus is both only do we share images from all of our events on our own social media accounts, but we have integrated right into the photo booth a social kiosk that allows users to instantly share the images taken inside of the bus to their own social media platforms. We can create custom hashtags and captions unique to each event and users can share away. 

How to Find Lil PhotoBus on Social Media

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Lil Photo Bus - Creative Community - Artist Profiles

How Do You Stand Out From Other Photobooths? 

The vintage photo booth bus is not a new idea. West Coast states have been doing it for nearly 10 years, but surprisingly the concept hasn't really made its way east in large numbers yet. As Raleigh's Original Photo Booth Bus, standing out isn't hard. There aren't many vintage VW buses around, although when we see one we always honk and wave. The Vintage VW family is a small and crazy bunch. When you see a restored VW you know that whoever it is behind the wheel is a caring and wildly dedicated soul because it takes care and dedication to bring back these iconic vehicles to their glory. We have been so fortunate to have been embraced by so many with the birth of Lil PhotoBus


Lil Photo Bus - Creative Community - Artist Profiles

If You Weren't Running a PhotoBus Around NC What Would You Be Doing? 

 If I (Amber) weren't a small business owner I would probably still be in my corporate career, where I was for 6 years prior to becoming a full time entrepreneur. But what I would WANT to be doing is spending all day raising my incredible family. Carlos, who handles web and online presence for the business would probably still be in the digital market field. 


If you're looking for a great addition to a wedding, event, or just want to check out an amazingly fun, quirky, and adorable vintage bus - contact Lil Photo Bus - They give you fun photo strips in a vintage atmosphere and can go almost anywhere! You'll definitely make a statement with this bus.