CC: What is a Creative Community? How Can Copper Creatives Help You?

A creative community is a safe haven to ask questions, create lasting and beneficial relationships with other creatives and become inspired by others in similar or different fields than yourself.

Starting a small business can be a challenge, there are many ups and downs, and as much as you’d like for it to be a fast and fruitful process, it might be slow and painstaking. But your creative community is there to tell you “Don’t Give Up!!

Unlike other Creative Communities we have no prerequisites, no niche communities, and are open to anyone who our message resonates with. We don't cater to only photographers, but believe any small business owner who is starting from scratch deserves to feel included. 

Throughout the growth of Copper Creatives we will be holding meet-ups, workshops, and other beneficial gatherings to help strengthen the people you meet through the site. We will also be answering your emails, questions, comments, and any other way you may communicate with us as quickly and effectively as possible. 

We know that not all our resources are going to work for every business and if you are looking for specific answers we would be happy to give you an in-depth consultation or advice. 

Go ahead and introduce yourself - we’d love to get to know you, hear about your business, and learn about what inspires you.