You Can't Win If You Never Try

when to go full time with your small business - small business owners - creative community

Did you know I've won over 100 contests in my life. I'm talking radio contests, dropping a business card in a hat, and raffles. I've won meet and greets, private concerts, go pros, adventure course tickets, VIP upgrades, CD's, food, and so much more. 

A lot of people say to me "You're so lucky, I never win anything." or "How do you win all this stuff?" 

But let me give you the low-down on how I'm not really lucky at all. 

when to go full time with your small business - small business owners - creative community

Radio contests allow weekly entries via online signups so I have a reminder every Monday morning to sign up for all the contests. While I'm on these websites I write down the times they are giving away items, maybe it's between 7-8 or at the 5 at 5, and then I create a schedule. I've probably called the radio more than 100,000 times in my life trying to win these contests which really puts my success rating at 30-40%. 

I also am constantly looking at their Instagrams, Twitters, and other social media sites. I text every time I hear that keyword, and I even have developed a system for how long to call, when to hit dial, and who picks up on what ringing pattern. 

 I work my ass off and sometimes I win a CD or a t-shirt, but other times I win a meet and greet with my favorite band. These opportunities don't just fall into my lap, they happen with hard work and dedication and constantly marketing myself. The same thing is true about business. 

These businesses we are watching didn't just get huge or end up at the right place at the right time - they were putting in tons of behind the scenes work, waiting for the right move to win those dream clients, or viral photo. So next time you want to assume someone is lucky or better off remember that even luck is hard work. 


- Jessica