The Power of Self Actualization

Have you heard that story about Jim Carrey writing himself a check for 10 million dollars? 
If you have disregard this next bit but if you haven't let me give you a little reminder. 

Jim Carrey believed in self actualization - basically if you believe something to come true it will. (not to say you don't have to put any work into making that dream come true) And only a year later he received a part in Dumb and Dumber and earned 10 million dollars. 

I completely believe in this - even in the subconscious form. 

Ever since I was 5 years old I've kept a journal. I've written down everything, from what I ate to lunch, to what movie I saw that weekend, and how my mom was getting on my nerves (you know typical journal stuff) 

And as I've grown older and revisited these journals I've seen the effects of my self actualization. When I was 10 I thought it would be awesome to work at Starbucks and when I was 19 it happened. I said that I would totally drive one of those stupid cars with the advertisements on the side because they were free - and I'm driving a "Re-Bath mobile." I wrote down all the things I wanted in a boyfriend - education, tattoos, ambition - and I found those attributes in my husband when I wasn't even looking for it. And always, always, always, I wanted a career that didn't make me miserable, where I could work in the creative industry, be my own boss, and love every day - and I have it. 

So I challenge you to write down what you're hoping to accomplish - (some of my most recent entries have been about traveling the world and becoming a novelist) 

Now let those dreams sink down and into you and continue to work hard and push towards your goals and I promise they will come true. They might not in the timeline you've imagined for yourself, or they might show up in a completely unexpected way - but if you believe in the power of self actualization - anything is possible.