Why You Should Do Something Outside Your Comfort Zone

breaking out of your comfort zone - taking risks in business

I used to hate sushi. Or at least I thought I hated sushi. I hadn't tried it, but I wasn't huge on fish and the smell of seaweed made me gag so I wrote it off. For years, my friends would go on sushi dates, and I'd order something from the side of the menu I was familiar with (vegetable stir fry anyone?). 

But then the other day I was working an event that was only supposed to last a few hours and ended up lasting much longer. The only thing on the menu - sushi. I was starving, desperate, and a little light headed so I took the plunge and devoured at least 5-6 of these little rolls. They were definitely different but not as terrible as I imagined. The next week I attended a holiday party and on the menu again - sushi. So I added a few pieces on my plate and gave it another go. 

Just those little introductions to something new, while scary, was apparently what my body wanted because a month later I woke up craving sushi. An idea that was shocking to my friends when I asked if they'd be willing to go on a sushi date. 

This whole idea of having to go outside my comfort zone turned out to be a great thing and I saw a parallel to my business.

Sometimes you get pushed outside your comfort zone, and it's just the thing you needed to see new possibilities. They say you have to eat something 7 times before your body starts to like it well I believe the same to be true in business. You have to keep trying new things and pushing yourself to discover things you didn't know you liked/want/needed. 

So go eat some sushi, think about you business, and don't be afraid to go outside your comfort zone every once in awhile - because great things could be waiting for you on the other side.