Our Favorite Tax Apps to Stay Organized

I have a pretty strained relationship with taxes. It's very much like the awkward ex-boyfriend that you avoid like the plague but keep bumping into every year when you go back home for Christmas and have to run to the grocery store for cornstarch...(Gilmore Girl Reference anyone?)

Anyways, if there is anyone who hates tax season, it is me, and it is mostly because I make it really hard on myself. Like most creative small business owners, I lean more heavily on my right side of the brain through out most of the year, getting coffee with clients, driving out to the middle-of-nowhere for a shoot and thus accruing un-logged, un-organized expenses out the wazoo. And then January comes along and I somehow  expect my out-of-shape left lobe to organize piles of receipts and emails and bundle them up with ribbons to be sent off to my CPA. 

If you have lived this life or are living this life, insert understanding nod of head here _____. 

After enduring this self-afflicted torture, we decided to scrap together three of our favorite  mobile apps that have changed our tax-lives for the better. We have chosen these because they work the best for our lifestyles, they are EASY and are FREE. 



Description: This app is as easy as Tinder. It records your mileage through GPS and can (if you so choose) to run in the background overtime you take a drive. All you do is swipe left for personal drives and right for business. You can also add parking and toll expenses. It spits out really comprehensive reports for when you need to do taxes. Check out their website for more info. 

  • Free for up to 40 drives a month
  • $5 a month for unlimited drives
  • Available on the App Store and Google Play 


Genius Scan

Genius Scan is my no-brain way to organize my receipts, contracts, and anything that I need to keep track of. Basically all you have to do is know how to take a photo. Snap a pic of the receipt, contract, (or even computer screen) and it will enhance the photo into a black and white copy. You can input it into a folder such as "Contracts 2018" "Gas Receipts" or basically anything you want. I love this app because I literally don't have to think about it, I just grab my receipt, snap a photo as I'm heading out of the store or gas station and it's entered. And plus side if you lose a receipt you have this awesome backup. 

  • Available on the App Store and Google Play
  • Compatible with DropBox, Evernote, Google Drive, and iCloud. 
  • FREE 



Description: This app enables you to scan and save physical receipts, email receipts, and business cards and then categorize and tag them for later use. You can also use this app to log inventory of equipment and log the expense items for those as well. This app also automatically creates reports based on the scanned receipts and can go as far as to generate IRS-guaranteed E-receipts.

  • Available on the App Store, and Google Play
  • FREE