The Art of Patience

the art of patience

Like other art forms, patience is something that is learned. It takes time to develop and may never be mastered. 

But like everything we try at: we get better the more we practice. 

I've been struggling with patience since I was born. I was always rushing to the next thing. Once I was in elementary school I was ready for High School, once I was there I was ready for college, and then I was ready for the real world.

(Side bar - I was never really ready for these things I just thought I was and it's this sentiment I'm going to get to) 

And now that I'm in the work force I've found that I'm impatient when it comes to growth. I want it to happen automatically. I want to fill my year's schedule before the year has even begun. I wanted my inbox to be full by the time I left the wedding show I just attended, and as I sat nervously refreshing my inbox, or anxiously over analyzing everything I've done in the last year I realized: I needed to have a stronger and healthier relationship with patience. 

I'm a firm believer in things that are meant to happen will happen even if they aren't in the timeline I imagined for myself. A lot of the goals I've set for myself even from a young age have came to fruition, even if it wasn't exactly when I had planned. 

For instance, before writing this I was having a freak out. I had only gotten a few messages since working the wedding show where I was fully engaged with over 35 brides. I've received a rejection from a client I thought I had and right when I was in the middle of obsessing over how I was going to drum up new business an inquiry popped into my inbox and settled me down. 

Now this is not a healthy relationship with work, business goals, or myself. 

And that's when I realized that little point in italics up there - that maybe I wasn't ready for those things to happen. Maybe I'm not ready to be a full time photographer reliant on only the salary that comes from how popular my photographs are that season. And that is a totally true statement. If I didn't have the income from my other job I would be in extreme freakout mode. And I'm not ready for that. I know I need to be in a stable financial situation - which means saving (we will have a post on this in the upcoming weeks) 

And here's my point:  Have faith in yourself, your business, and your message and it will all happen - even if it's not when you plan it. 


Let us know how you deal with patience or if you've mastered it in the comments below. (Seriously we'd love to know how you did it!)