End of the Year Review: 5 Things to Review About Your Small Business

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December is finally over and you made it through your busiest season of the year. The sales are all done and now it's time to take a deep breath and start prepping for next year. But it's also a great time to review your business and make sure that all the parts are up to date, that your business plan has changed with you, and that you create realistic goals for the new year. 

1. Website 

At the end of each year I always go back to my website and update it with the newest photos, products, and pricing. I make sure to do a clean sweep and remove any outdated information or items that don't adequately represent my brand. I then do a little bit of market research and check out competitors websites to see if they are doing anything that could be beneficial to my own website (such as integrating sales/promotions/newsletter signups) 

2. Photo Collections 

We believe in having a stock pile of images to use for social, marketing, and more. Which means constantly creating unique and engaging photographs. This is the time to start thinking about updating your headshot, photo catalog, and getting photos taken of any new products that might be heading to your store or website in the upcoming months. 

3. Pricing 

Now that the year has ended you've broken out that calculator and are prepping for taxes. This is a great time to make sure your prices are up to date and are reflective our economic goals you've set for your business. Have any product costs gone up? Are there any new expenses that you need to account for? Or on the other hand are their any vendors, marketing tools, or expenses that you can remove or replace with more economical options? The end of the year is a great time to make sure that all these things are set in stone for the new year. 

4. Marketing 

This is the best time to collect all the data you've been saving all year. Check those social media and website analytics to see where your clients are coming from, and where they are lacking. This is when you can start to put together a marketing budget for the year and schedule when the best months are to advertise and on what platforms. Sometimes it's so easy to boost that post on Facebook or Instagram or sign up for that craft market or wedding show but those tools add up. Make sure you're making wise marketing decisions that work for your business. 

5. start making plans 

All year you've been networking and chatting with fellow creatives so why not go ahead and plan some projects together. This is the time to discover how you can all help each other grow and connect and create new plans. We can't wait to show you all the collaborations we have planned for the year. 


Let us know some of the things you do every year to keep your business fresh and up to date for the new year. 



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