Surviving Sickness as a Small Business Owner

Starting a Small Business - Small Business Guide - Getting Sick as A Small Business Owner

You have a million things on the calendar, all planned weeks in advance, and you can feel that horrible cold or debilitating sinus pressure building. You can’t get sick.  You have clients that depend on you. You have a wedding to work. You have orders to fill, and a workload you’re not sure how you’ve been managing, so what do you do?


Start the Fight Early

Decaffeinated tea with lemon (Shout out to Lipton), cranberry juice, antioxidants, and sleep are key those first few days. Choose healthy options to drink  and eat.  Kick the sugar and caffeine, and start that Vitamin C boost. Perhaps you can beat it before it actually manifests or at the very least you’ll kick start your body to fight the incoming infection. If you can, try to take the evenings off or keep them stress free, and go to bed early.


Soothing Showers

Showers always make me feel better (or a bath if you’re a bath person). Tie some fresh eucalyptus from your shower head or faucet to provide release relaxing aromatherapy smells. Peppermint oil also helps relieve nasal congestion and headaches, while lavender aids in sleep.


Starting a Small Business - Small Business Guide - Getting Sick as A Small Business Owner

Drink Water

Nothing will cure you faster than drinking water. Water all day every day might not seem like the greatest or tastiest solution, but I find that adding fresh fruit into my water such as strawberries, lemons, blueberries, even cucumbers, mint, and lime, can create tasty and healthy beverages that keep me feeling better longer. Hydration is key to fighting sickness. If it's your stomach that's upset, we suggest drinking a few ounces of Kombucha. It's a pro-biotic naturally fermented tea that works wonders in helping your digestive tract and soothing an upset stomach. A few shots of this before a full day might just get you through.

Power Through

Many times we've shot a wedding with a pocket full of tissues, a pile of cough drops (our choice is Jakeman's honey and lemon menthol cough suppressant lozenges that we picked up from the Asheville Bee Charmer) in our bags, hoping to not cough or sneeze during the ceremony. Sometimes for the benefit of your company and your client, you have to power through. Just make sure you take the next day off if you can. Nothing drains you quite like working an 8 hour day being sick, but in some cases, not working isn't an option. And, it will be worth it. Your client will appreciate you for making them a priority.

Of course if you are truly ill make sure you make arrangements to have someone cover for you and never make excuses. Sometimes life and sickness happens, and for the most part people understand, so make sure you take care of yourself too.

Lots of Sleep 

Make sure you don't push yourself too hard and that you get plenty of rest at night. Take a power nap during the day. Sometimes just those extra few hours of sleep could mean getting over a cold or sinuses a few days early. 

Rely on Your Community

If there's nothing you can do and you're really stuck in a bind, rely on your community. Build relationships with others and make sick plan with them where you know you can trust that they will cover you if the need arises. Many allies and neighbors are willing to lend a hand if you need help with your small business. Don't hesitate to reach out and ask for help, and don't hesitate to extend help if you're able - you'll never know when you may need a favor in return. 

Stay healthy, friends! 

-J & J