Weekly Pep Talk: You Got This ! (Friday Fall Edition)

You are running a business you're a "girl boss" "boy boss" "boss boss" which means you are totally in control. 

You have accomplished a feat most people just dream about and that is the first and most crucial step to becoming self sufficient. 

So what you've had a few inquiries with no responses or had a client meeting that didn't book - we've all been there and you know what that next client is going to make it all worth it - because they are going to be exactly what you're looking for and remind you why you started this business in the first place. 

Oh and yeah - It's FRIDAY! Which means IT'S THE WEEKEND. Treat yourself to a little girl's night out, a delicious dinner, a manicure, or something that makes you feel good. 

And it's the start of a new season - Fall is upon us and if you're in the wedding industry you know how hectic it can be. And if you're a crafter you are gearing up for the holiday rush. Just know you're not alone and you got this!