Weekly Pep Talk: A Brand New Day (Monday Edition)


It's Monday - you've been up all night wasting the last few hours of the "weekend" worrying about all your future plans, what's on the agenda for the week, how many clients you can book, if you made the right decision about starting a business, if the world is crumbling down on you and all the other real and made-up stresses are taking over your life. 

Take a deep breath and remember - it's a brand new day - a new week - and Monday means business. Once you dive into all your emails, marketing, and other daily tasks your worries will dissipate and turn into burning ambition. 

Try to set some weekly goals for yourself and always a treat, like girls night out, a movie with that extra large popcorn, or even that take out pizza. We are big believers in rewards (perhaps it was all those gold stars from elementary school) but we believe that every week/day/month you're working for yourself deserves the highest of fives! 

And remember even the simplest things like a new Instagram post, an networking email, a client consultation, or even reaching out to old or new friends could always lead to great things. So remember to stay positive this week & keep pushing to be your best self!