First Year: Business Card 101

Print is not dead, not even in this technologically saturated world. In fact, as everything goes paperless, business cards are more important than ever. But now, instead of white card stock with general information typed on them in a bold font, there are funky shapes, colors, and designs that can personalize your card to your taste and style.

Yet with all the options and design choices, this process of creating the perfect business card can feel a little daunting. 

Your business card should not only allow people to clearly identify how to contact you but it should leave an impression. Recipients should know exactly what you do just by glancing at your card. 

Here are our instructions to designing the perfect business card with VistaPrint

Start with a Design -

This can be your logo, a symbol that represents your brand, or an image. Create this image in Adobe or find a great graphic designer to make one for you. Once you've settled on a design - upload it into VistaPrint

Sleek & Stylish & Simple

is the way to go with the front side of your card. You don't want to bog this great design down with text. The minimalist look with a lot of white space is pretty prevalent now, but you don't need to go with this look if it doesn't fit your brand. However, for the front of your business card, less is more. 

Contact Information

always goes on the back. Include the contact methods you prefer; phone, email, website, and social media links are always great. 

Select a Finish

This is always a personal choice but we prefer matte. This gives our card a muted finish that looks classic and just a tad vintage. 

Choose a Quantity

Knowing how many business cards to order can be a little tricky - you don't want to over order in case you decide to re-brand, but you also want to have enough to hand out to networking contacts, clients, and to send in packages. We suggest the 500 card package - this middle range package gives you the right amount to last throughout the first and second year. 

Hand Them Out  

VistaPrint gets your cards to you almost immediately so you won't have to wait to start handing them out! Make sure to carry your business cards with you everywhere you go. You never know when the opportunity to market yourself might arise, so it's always a good idea to have them handy. 

Have a unique or interesting business card? We'd love to see it! We may also feature it on our site and social media pages. Comment below with a photo; we'd love to see all your creative ideas. 


businessJessica Fowler