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The Importance of Self Care with Amber from Kneading Therapeutic Massage

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Meet Amber: She is the owner and girl boss of Kneading Therapeutic Massage. Her amazing massage techniques have been wondrous for my photographer's back (it's totally a thing) and my mental health. 
Today she's sharing some of her words of wisdom of why self care isn't something to neglect. 

If you're interested in booking with Amber or learning more about her massage therapies - visit her website here. 



Have you ever just done too much & you get burnt out? Whether it’s with work (let’s be honest it usually is), over committing to everything- friends, events, more work, etc- we all get a little burnt out from time to time. Did you know it’s okay to take some time for YOU?! Actually, it’s pretty crucial that you do. Burning yourself out by doing the most all the time is down right unhealthy. 2018 I’ve seen a lot of people focusing more on “self care." 

As a massage therapist & also someone who needs a reminder of this often too, it makes me so happy! What does self care mean to you? These are a few things that come to mind when I think self care …


1. Get Physical 

 The gym is my number one escape no matter how busy I get I tend to always make time for the gym. It’s my favorite “me” time & my favorite way to let out some stress. Not to mention I always feel so much better. Stretching & working out can really do the body good. It’s really important to maintain a sense of happiness with yourself, too. Try it out!


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2. Stop Planning

Overcommitting is something you would think I studied in college. I’ll say yes to everything. Work, events, birthday parties, helping a friend out, etc. Sometimes I have to remind myself that saying “no” is okay too. Going with the flow isn’t all bad sometimes. Saying “yes” & somehow having to plan out how theres enough hours in a day to make it all happen can really drive you crazy. Practice saying “no” more often! 


3. Feel Pretty 

Even for guys- whether your thing is getting a manicure, your hair done, a facial, or buying new clothes. Whatever it may be, take some time to do that for yourself. Like I said, it truly is important to maintain a sense of happiness with yourself. Feeling down about yourself while feeling overwhelmed & overworked can do more harm than you think. It’s nice to feel good about yourself, so always keep that a priority, too. And, no it is not selfish or a waste of time to do this. 


small business owner - women in business - raleigh massage therapist

4. Treat Yo Self

In the words of Donna and Tom it's always important to "Treat Yo Self."  and why not choose  a massage. I know it’s the massage therapist coming out in me, but do you blame me? MOST people love a good massage. While some do see it as a treat, others truly see it as necessity. Regular massage isn’t only relaxing it can do more than you think. Massage therapy helps to reduce stress, reduce anxiety, lowers blood pressure, promotes relaxation, improves sleep, reduces muscle tension, & so so much more. Not to mention it forces you to some “me” time & you really can’t help but relax during a massage. 


5. Sleep

Making sure you allow yourself to go to bed at a decent time & getting your full nights rest is really important. Sleep deprivation isn’t only exhausting but it puts a damper on your attitude & not to mention your immune system, too. Sometimes free time doesn’t need to be filled up with other things. Practice your “saying no” & have a night in relaxing & catching up on sleep. There’s definitely nothing wrong with that! 


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Everyone sees self care in a different way, & whatever yours may be just keep in mind that it is truly essential that you allow this time for yourself. Feeling burnt out doesn’t only effect you but it truly does effect the people around you to. So take some time for yourself, relax, & let’s all practice putting out the good vibes! Happy self caring everyone!