every body is a beach body

Staying Body Positive This Summer

body positivity - creative community - women in business

We live in really strange, turbulent times, but there is one thing I can say that has been amazing these last couple of years is the body positivity that is coming from Hollywood, the media, popular culture, and social media. 

For once women aren't tearing each other down or judging each other and it's a wonderful feeling - especially in the summer during swimsuit season. 

We joined forces with the boss babes of Lemon Jones Marketing to show off a variety of body types to let you know that any body is a bathing suit body. 


body positivity - creative community - women in business

So How Can You Stay Body Positive This Summer? 

Surround Yourself With Positive People:

I know it's hard and as someone who is on social media constantly it's so easy to see a picture of someone on a tropical island, with a rocking bod and get a little sad. But you know what - choose to put yourself in fun situations with friends that support you. 

When you're surrounded by other positive people you know that you're in a safe space, that no one will be judging you, and that you'll be able to have fun. These experiences make putting on that same bathing suit easier even if you're in new or more public environments. 

body positivity - creative community - women in business

Find Your Flattering Suit

Being body positive doesn't mean you have to feel comfortable in everything. Find pieces that make you feel comfortable no matter what. When I look for any type of clothing, a dress, a bathing suit, even jeans I try on tons of options. I want to make sure that I'm choosing a fit, color, and size that makes me feel comfortable, sexy, and stylish. 

For me I tend to choose high waisted two pieces or my Tommy Hilfiger one piece because I'm a sucker for vintage flair. But I choose similar pieces in all aspects of my wardrobe. Like I said it's all about what makes you feel comfortable and expresses your style. 

I always felt uncomfortable in my own skin (by industry standards I've always been a little overweight) but a few years ago I just stopped caring. I found a vintage two-piece polka dotted swim suit I loved and it made me feel good about myself - I wore that thing by a Vegas poolside and felt great. I even had a photo shoot in it I loved it so much - which brings me to my next point ........

body positivity - creative community - women in business

Confidence is Key

If there is one thing I've learned from binging the newest season of Queer Eye is that confidence is the most attractive quality you can posses. If you walk out to that pool/beach/lake feeling unsure of yourself, covering yourself with a towel, everyone is going to pick up on that body language. If you go out and rock your look with a positive attitude no one will question that you're body is absolutely perfect for you. 

And being around great people, finding your flattering suit will give you all the confidence you need to rock any swimsuit attire event this summer. 

body positivity - creative community - women in business

So if you were worried about losing those 10lbs or showing too much skin - don't bother. You have the perfect body for summer and you will rock whatever swimsuit you want! No matter if you're a size 2 or a size 12 or size 22 - know that you are awesome, beautiful, and a magical mermaid. 

body positivity - creative community - women in business