Beauty: Jessica's Top 10 Essential Products from Sephora

Jessica has complied her list of Top 10 Beauty Items from Sephora that she can't live without and that are incorporated into her daily use. 

1. Bumble & Bumble - All Style Blow Dry
The minute I get out of the shower this goes directly into my hair and off to the blow dryer. I have naturally curly hair and without taming it with the blow dryer it can get all over the place. This is the best product I have found to keep hair smooth and soft while giving it style. 

2. First Aid Beauty - Ultra Repair Sunscreen & Moisturizer  
My skin is sensitive and can dry during the winter months so I had been the hunt for a good moisturizer that I didn't have to use everyday. I've found this in First Aid Beauty - it always helps clear up dry spots and is light enough to wear everyday if you need everyday coverage. 

3. Laura Mercier - Foundation Primer Radiance
If you want your foundation to last all day I recommend Laura Mercier's Primers. I choose the Radiance option as I like a little extra sparkle in my foundation. Laura's products are great for sensitive skin and are lightweight. 

Top 10 Beauty Products - Must Have Beauty Products - Sephora Haul

4. Sephora Pro Flawless Airbrush - 56
I love this brush! I've purchased it for every woman in my family and use it daily. It's airbrush bristles allow for even and light coverage, it's easy to clean, and gives you the best coverage without wasting foundation or caking it on. 

5. Urban Decay - Ultra Definition Naked Foundation
I wish I could wear matte foundation but every time I do my fave breaks out so I was forced to find a sensitive skin foundation that would give me great coverage. I've found this in the Urban Decay Naked Foundation. It's light but hides all the flaws and evens skin tone. With the combination of the primer and the airbrush you can make this bottle last at least 3 months. 

Top 10 Beauty Products - Must Have Beauty Products - Sephora Haul

6. Make Up For Ever - Aqua Black Waterproof Creme 
Any time I see anyone post about flawless cat eye liner I mention this product. This thick creme is the only product I've found to achieve a perfect line on my eyes. Must use with an angled liner brush to get that deep wing style, this creme is untouchable. It lasts all day, is completely waterproof, and is the deepest black you can find. 

7. Benefit - They're Real Mascara
Who doesn't want longer, darker lashes? This mascara is the perfect pair with the Make Up For Ever creme really accentuating your eyes. Ever since I've started wearing it I've received tons of compliments and even answered questions about where I got my lashes. It's definitely a game changer. 

8. Benefit - Watts Up Highlighter
The shine doesn't stop at my primer but is instead incorporated throughout my face with this amazing highlighter. I primarily use it on my cheekbones right before I apply my bronzer or blush to give my cheeks an extra sparkle. You can also use it on the forehead, nose, eyes, or any other contouring area to give your skin some extra shine. 

Top 10 Beauty Products - Must Have Beauty Products - Sephora Haul

9. BITE - Amuse Bouche Lipstick Duo in Opal/Jam
I'm a sucker for dark lipsticks. I've even been known to rock black and navy, so when BITE came out with a dark duo I had to have it. One side is a dark Jam color that can be worn by itself that comes in a matte finish, or you can apply the Opal side over to create a sparkly finish. 

10. Marc Jacobs - Honey 
I first discovered this scent at Sephora when they were having a rollerball sale and fell in love. While they don't carry the larger bottles of this gently sweet perfume, they do have the lotion and rollerball perfect for in a purse on in a carry on. This light scent isn't overpowering but is tangy enough keep your senses engaged all day. 

We would love to know what are some of your Sephora favorites that are always in your "Sephora Hauls." We also would love to hear your feedback on these products, if you love them, hate them, or can't wait to try them.