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Why Girl's Night is More than Just an Excuse To Get a Drink.

girls night out - lifestyle blog - haymaker raleigh

We've all been there - it's been a ridiculous week and it's only Tuesday - or maybe its a night you've scheduled for awhile because if you don't put "Girl's Night" on the calendar with thick red marker it will never happen. Whatever the reason we are here to assure you that Girl's Night is more than just an excuse to get a drink but can be a cathartic release of all that negativity that's been weighing you down. 

girls night out - lifestyle blog - haymaker raleigh

One of our favorite places to grab a drink in Downtown Raleigh is The Haymaker - from the cool speakeasy vibe, the amazing signature cocktails, the bubbles and Gin & Juice on draft, and the view of the skyline from the windows give this place all the best vibes, especially for a girls night out.

(Joanna's favorite part is the cup of goldfish they leave out for those overly imbibe while Jessica loves the Biggie wallpaper in the bathroom) 

Since we've gotten older and are perpetually busy we usually get in around 4-5 before the crowds come in and find a seat with the best view. 

girls night out - lifestyle blog - haymaker raleigh

So what goes down on a typical girls night? 

First we vent about work - I mean saying that you're not going to talk about work is completely ridiculous - it's basically our lives and when you work for yourself you have no co-workers to complain to so it's nice to finally get all that off your chest. 

Next of course we talk goals - ways to improve morals - things we are looking forward to - and all the positive aspects of our lives. Basically trying to rationalize on how truly we love our jobs and wouldn't trade our lives for the world. 

Then lastly of course we dish about boys because well - we all have boyfriends/husbands and we have to remind ourselves we actually have personal lives outside of work!

girls night out - lifestyle blog - haymaker raleigh

But why is this helpful? 

You see when you keep things bottled up inside, stress - relationship drama - work problems - anything that's weighing you down it creates a layer of anxiety in everything you do. Your day to day activities become overshadowed by the fact that you're stepping on eggshells to not have a mental breakdown and that's just not healthy. 

This release of talking to someone, letting it out, and giving yourself a good 30 minutes to an hour of not touching your phone, not checking emails allows you to recenter yourself and get motivated. 

I can't tell you how many times talking to Joanna has made me create a major to-do list, or crank out a handful of blog posts in an afternoon. There's just something about pushing each other and voicing the negative thoughts that has been filling your head and have someone else offer clarity, perspective and a time to empty and reset that allows you to move forward and grow. 

girls night out - lifestyle blog - haymaker raleigh

So the next time you're in need of a decompression or a release of all that stress that's been building inside of you - invite a friend out for a drink. If you don't drink that's cool too - invite them for coffee or infused water or a raw juice bar. Whatever the beverage we're sure you'll feel so much better after dishing it out with your fellow creatives. 

Interested in grabbing a drink with us?

We'd love to start a Girls Night Club at The Haymaker one weeknight a month. Let us know if you'd be interested by commenting below. Til then we'll be sipping on Gin & Juice (or in Joanna's case eating goldfish crackers).  

girls night out - lifestyle blog - haymaker raleigh