A Winter Look with Videri Chocolate

Winter in North Carolina is weird. One day it's 65 and sunny, then it's 42 and rainy, then it's a nice 58 and overcast. With such fickle weather it's great to start adding transitional pieces into your wardrobe.

We stopped by Videri Chocolate Factory in Downtown Raleigh to grab some delicious mocha's, sample chocolates, and find a little bit of tranquility in the warehouse district. If you're ever in Raleigh we highly suggest stopping by. 


Since Joanna is in grad school her pieces have to work for the weather outside but also for her office and classroom at NC State.

Her black H&M sweater with classic white stripes gives this sweater an academic feel. The horizon necklace from Windblown gives this outfit a little burst of sophistication and romanticism. 

Her loafers are of course a clearance find at Madewell and a great transition piece from fall to winter and even spring. Paired with her high-waisted Levi jeans this simple look works for a myriad of places.