In North Carolina the word Snow Day is a rarity. Even when the weatherman predicts snow it's still a slim chance we see more than a few flurries or get covered in a blanket of ice. So when we were destined to get 6 inches of the freshest powder  everyone got out their boots, snow shovels, and prepared for the "best" in our case. 

While we got only 2" of snow it was enough to shut the city down for the weekend and for us to cuddle up in the warmest blankets, bury ourselves in reading, and of course take a few minutes to go outside and marvel in what would probably be our only snow of the season. 

For Type A-ers, it's easy to make a list of all the things we can get done and go into full-on productive beast mode, but it's really important to take some time to rest, read a few chapters from a book that has been on your reading list forever, walk outside and listen to the crunching snow.

snow day

Better yet, make an actual breakfast, not pop tarts or cereal. We made some Quaker oat bran using this recipe and topped it off with honey, brown sugar and black berries. We washed that down with some Counter Culture Apollo on the Chemex, and really what is better than being wrapped up in a blanket with a hot cup of coffee and looking at the perfectly frigid world outside.

We want to hear how you spent your snow days. Do you use them to get your creativity flowing or to recharge? Send your snow day pictures our way to be featured on our Instagram. 

Stay warm.

-Jo & Jes

Jessica Fowler